Advanced Automation

Maximize your energy efficiency with Roger’s Building
Automation System, which we install and manage for any
and all building-equipment types. The flexibility of our
controls enables you to manage comfort while adjusting
by remote to ever-changing demands.

Building Automation

We use the Honeywell platform, which means you can count on a user-friendly thermostat controllable through an app. If you’re managing multiple locations, integration is key. Honeywell’s Niagara Framework-based building management
system (BMS) addresses all aspects of your building and occupant needs, extending beyond HVAC and into lighting and security. Add to that their Spyder or Stryker Controllers for maximum flexibility to handle nearly any application.

How Automation Helps You

Shutting down your business, even for a day, is costly. But you already know that. Our advanced automation system enables our team to diagnose and preemptively troubleshoot issues at the mechanical level before they arise. More data means better insight. And better insight is how we ensure you never need to stop doing business
due to HVAC concerns.

The best part? You’ll have the same data and level of visibility we have, meaning you too can see what’s going on in your building, then adjust the operations of your entire HVAC system by either touch or remote.
Whether you're designing for energy management, environmental concerns, analytics or more, Rogers Mechanical Contractor's connected solutions can help you meet today's building control challenges. 

If you’re interested in learning more benefits of advanced automation for your business, contact us to get started.

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